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Grindhouse logo design and brand identity
Project Summary


Conceptual project *

Grindhouse is a coffee shop concept designed to provide a perfect blend of comfort, creativity, and community. Located in Nottingham, Grindhouse is envisioned as a refuge for coffee addicts and remote workers, offering a laid-back, modern vibe. This project focuses on creating a cohesive branding and design strategy that embodies the essence of Grindhouse, making it a standout destination for those seeking a unique coffee experience.

LOCATION: Nottingham. UK

KEYWORDS: Bold, Fresh, Lively

grindhouse coffee shop front signage design
grindhouse logo design brand identity
a barista making latte art
grindhouse packaging design for coffee bags
grindhouse branding logo design pattern
coffee cup packaging design for grindhouse coffee shop
Grindhouse coffee shop window decal design
coffee shop menu on a wall
sandwich board in the street displaying a coffee shop message
loyalty card design for grindhouse coffee
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